Bred in Amsterdam with landrace genetics from Brazil and India, Canaca White Widow is one of the most widely known strains.

A staple of coffee shops and dispensaries for 30 years, this Canaca strain is known for its purity, potency, clarity and strength.

Flower available in: 1g, 3.5g 7g, 15g

Suggested Occasion: Hanging Out
Exploring the Outdoors
Happy Hour

Made By Canadians, In Canada

Canada’s craft cannabis culture is our culture. At Canaca we’re proud to do something we believe in. Our plants are sourced in BC and expertly cultivated in Ontario for homegrown, down-to-earth quality that’s enjoyed across Canada.

Celebrated Local Strains

When it comes to selecting which cultivars we grow, we keep our friends in mind. We only grow the best and deliver peak quality in distinctive first choice strains.

Preach the plant

While we don’t like preaching, we do believe de-stigmatization begins by de-mystifying cannabis and calling it what it is: a plant. We enjoy meeting people, talking shop and sharing our craft. When it comes to cannabis knowledge, we say pass it on.